Here we are. London
And what a London, I must say. A gorgeous one, maybe thanks to the Olimpics games, or to the wonderful weather we had there (but I must admit that in all the many times I've been to London, I've never found its legendary bad weather... is it maybe an Italian joke?!?), but London surely was at its best. AND I LOVE IT!!! :-)

There's not much I can say about this last part of our journey. We walked a lot, because London means WALK (but do not forget to buy an Oyster card, tube and the many buses can sometimes save your poor feet!!)!! We strolled around our favourite places, we relaxed under the sun and, definitely, we ate a lot!!! :-)
This first post is just about our wanderings. On the next I'll talk about our accommodation and, of course, THE FOOD. Stay tuned!

Our hotel was very close to Westminster so we said hello to Mr. Big Ben at least twice a day...

Our nearest tube station...how much do I love tube station's signals????? :-)

Any time I'm there I must take a picture like this in Piccadilly...

My first Bubble Tea ever... 

...at least we have found something we missed to visit in the past!

I was wearing: SHIKHA LONDON dress; ZARA low wedges, PRADA sunglasses

Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately it was not possible to take pictures inside, but it was great to walk where usually the Queen walks!!! 

Yes, Our Majesty has a lake in her garden.

Westminster Abbey at sunset. I was wearing: KONTATTO skirt; IMPERIAL maxi shirt; ZARA ballerinas

Outside Fortnum and Mason. A must when in London. We use to buy here teas, marmelade and their wonderful mustards. Of course we bought the new "Jubilee Tea".

Fortnum and Mason

I love squirrels. Don't you know?

...but I do love also ducks! :-)

A lovely view of the London Eye from the park

Outside Tate Modern

My contribution to Contemporary Art: BEER AS A WORK OF ART. :-)

Millennium Bridge. I was wearing ZARA shirt and sweater; ACNE shorts; BRIC'S bag

Nice readings an Englishwoman cannot miss... :-D

These cupcakes were sold at TOPSHOP! So, this definitely confirms that cupcakes are fashion food! (...and yes, there's also the OREO cupcake!!!! OMG!!!!)
We were right next to Scotland Yard!!! Wow, I couldn't miss a picture where Detective Japp,  Ispettore Bloch or Inspector Lestrade usually works!!! (respectively from Agatha Christie's Poirot's novels, Dylan Dog, Sherlock Holmes's novels).

The Royal Court of Justice, right in front of King's College
One of the many olimpic mascots you can find in London... I think here we were near Leicester Square...

A special thanks to my super Mr. B for his contribution in taking and sharing some of the pictures above, and of course for the gorgeous holiday we had. Wouldn't have been the same, without him. :-)

5 commenti:

  1. Amica che belle foto!
    E che fortuna capitare a Londra proprio mentre sua Maestà era a Balmoral e poter visitare i suoi giardini e le sue stanze!
    ah... che nostalgia provo guardando quel bicchierone di Bubble Tea!
    Comunque già i cupcakes sono il Male con quelle cremine di burro... figuriamoci i cupcakes OREO!
    Baci amica :-***
    P.S. Sai che mentre ti scrivo il mio treno sta lasciando la stazione di Bologna?!

  2. wish i could be in london!
    i just love this city.
    beautiful photos.
    great post!!!

  3. Ahahah mi ha fatto troppo ridere il musino da primo bubble tea!

    Uffff voglio provarlo anche io! Sai che ho scoperto che proprio da quest'anno l'unibo ha deciso che tutte le procedure finali per la tesi ora si fanno online? Questo significa che non dovrò venire a Bologna per far firmare il frontespizio al prof e questo significa che non potremo prendere il nostro bubble tea! Sono molto triste ma vedrò di rimediare il prima possibile con una mini fuga bolognese!


  4. londra con il sole e londra by night...che meraviglia! e che voglia di tornare là! :)

  5. Che fortuna poter vedere l'interno di Buckingham Palace, sono stata a Londra primavera scorsa... che fermento, che energia!!! Complimenti per il tuo viaggio :)


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